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Current Retail Prices


Off-Road B99: $2.20
On-Road B99: $2.83
On-Road B20: $2.59

*Price FOB Wilson, NC. All prices subject to change without notice.

Commercial WVO Recycling

Did you know that many restaurants throw their waste cooking oil away? Not only is this against the law in most areas, it harms our environment. Instead, recycle it!

Triangle Biofuels will pick up your used vegetable oil / yellow grease directly from your site on a schedule that works for you. New customers are provided with a covered waste oil recycling bin or 55 gallon drum, depending upon your preference and the amount of oil you use.

Our pickups can be scheduled anytime Monday through Saturday, 7AM - 6PM, except for holidays and inclement weather. If you have no preference for a pickup time, we may reschedule you to accomodate a more efficient route in order to save time and fuel.

We will take most types of oil, but please try to keep the amount of water and food matter in the oil down to a minimum. Preferred oils are peanut, soybean, safflower, sunflower seed, canola, cotton seed, corn, or rice bran. Hydrogenated oils or lard are least preferred, because they tend to be solid in colder weather. We do not handle trap grease.

FREE Service - We will provide you a FREE contract pickup service which includes a waste oil pickup drum or bin, and will performed scheduled pickups from your site or upon demand as needed.

Your oil will be recycled using a patented chemical and mechanical process to convert it into a clean burning, renewable diesel fuel replacement which can be burned in any modern diesel engine without modification. By helping to recycle your waste vegetable oil, you not only reduce your waste disposal fees, but you help the environment as well. Start today!

You may request a new service contract or schedule a pickup by using the Service Request Pickup Form.

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