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Current Retail Prices


Off-Road B99: $2.20
On-Road B99: $2.83
On-Road B20: $2.59

*Price FOB Wilson, NC. All prices subject to change without notice.

Triangle Biofuels - Advanced Biofuels / 2nd Generation Biodiesel

Are you ready for Biodiesel? View our PDF text called Am I ready for Biodiesel.pdf, which is a collection of commonly asked questions by customers and visitors to the TBI website.

Do you want to learn more about what biodiesel is and why you should be using biodiesel? Our website has a vast amount of information about the benefits of using biodiesel, including additional resources and information about this innovative, renewable fuel.

Our sterol glucoside controlled biodiesel is made from 100% vegetable oil. We don't use animal fats, ever. That means better cold weather performance in cold soak performance (100 seconds typical), better cloudpoint (30°F typical), and lower gel point. Try our biodiesel this winter and you will see the difference.

Our fuel is 100% ASTM certified. Made in the USA, and sold in the USA.

In February of 2009, we upgraded our facility to effectively double our production capacity. Now, we are actively marketing for petroleum distributors, retail gas stations and convenience stores to resell our premium biodiesel. If you are interested in reselling biodiesel, please visit our "Become a Distributor" or "Resell Biodiesel" links on the left. With hundreds of satisfied customers, we know you won't be disappointed.

Triangle Biofuels Industries (TBI) is a North Carolina based biodiesel producer that makes premium biodiesel from vegetable oils obtained from domestic sources. Our target markets are the agricultural, marine, government, residential, and commercial diesel consumers that are looking for clean, alternative diesel fuels to help reduce harmful emissions commonly found in petroleum diesel fuels. Our plant is located in Wilson, North Carolina.

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