Triangle Biofuels is No Longer In Business

Triangle Biofuels Industries, Inc. Wilson, NC Plant ceased operations and was sold in May of 2019 to Wilson Biofuels, LLC.

Wilson Biofuels, LLC is no longer in operations as of June 2021.  Wilson Biofuels was funded and partially managed by Jessica Barr of Good Steward Capital Management (GSCM conveniently formed Good Steward Biofuels in March of 2021 to take over operations when Wilson Biofuels became insolvent).   While the actual specifics of the sale are too long and detailed for a blog article, TBI still has not been fully paid for the purchase and it appears at this time will not be.   Our personal experience at TBI has been that Rob and Jessica Barr should be avoided at all costs, and we would not do business with them again.

Caveat Venditor

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