More government regulation and reporting

Well, I was just joking with someone about the amount of government oversight and regulation that is in the biodiesel business being as bad as if we were producing weapons grade plutonium, and here I get a call from the IRS today telling me that there is yet another monthly reporting requirement coming up that is mandatory for biodiesel plants.

Aren’t they ALL mandatory and required by law with a civil penalty attached for non-compliance? I mean, if they weren’t we wouldn’t do them, right?!

So this report, which I have yet to actually see the form, is required to help the IRS track where the fuel I produce is sold and distributed to and for what purpose. Honestly. This really IS starting to sound like we produce nuclear material.

Folks, I make biodiesel. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, carbon neutral, and clean burning. The only thing more safe to use, transport, and clean burning is wood.

We’re a small plant. We make a million gallons of biodiesel a year, that’s a drop in the ocean for petroleum products sold in the US. Yet I spend over two full days a month now doing NOTHING but mandatory government reporting. Enough already.  How about actually doing something to promote and increase my business and welfare for a change?