I never learn

You’d think after all the rants on this blog about how the media botches stories on biofuels that I would know better than to do an interview with a local business journal. Apparently not.

Several weeks ago I did a 20 – 30 minute interview with the Triangle Business Journal regarding the biofuels industry in North Carolina. I did not know the context of the article, but simply answered Frank’s questions regarding the status of the industry in this state and how the market economy was treating biofuels in general. I stated over several sentences that if the commodities market didn’t improve to invert high feedstock prices and low petroleum prices, that the biodiesel industry would be in trouble and that we (NC biodiesel plants in general) would be in trouble like many of the other plants in the industry which are either idle or out of business.

Somehow that 20 minute conversation got translated into one sentence that quotes me as saying “We’re not that far from shutting down”. Thanks.

So to all of my customers, creditors, and friends out there worrying about whether or not I’m about to go bankrupt, the answer is no, we’re doing fine. Things are a little tight for us just like everybody else right now, but we’re far from shutting the doors and turning out the lights.

Thanks Triangle Business Journal for your very succinct and insensitive journalism. That will be my last interview with you.

Read the full story on the Triangle Business Journal at: http://triangle.bizjournals.com/triangle/stories/2009/07/06/story2.html