Pennsylvania to require Biodiesel Blend

Well, our state can’t seem to get it together yet, but here’s another state that is requiring a mandatory biodiesel blend for all diesel sold in the state:

The governor of Pennsylvania has confirmed that each gallon of diesel fuel in that state will contain at least two percent biodiesel starting in January of 2010, according to information from the National Biodiesel Board (NBB).

“The major challenge we’ve always had is getting fuel out to the public,” said Ben Wootton, president of the Pennsylvania Biodiesel Producers Group and president of Keystone Biofuels. “We repeatedly hear ‘Where can I buy the fuel?’ This legislation helps ensure that the oil companies’ terminals offer biodiesel product.”

The legislation, passed in July 2008, called for a blend of B2 (two percent biodiesel, 98 percent diesel fuel) in each gallon of biodiesel sold in Pennsylvania. This was contingent upon the in-state production of biodiesel of 40 million gallons, which has now been met, the NBB said.

Producers have maintained a 3.3 million gallon per-month average for a 90 day period. The 12-month period from January 2009, until the effective date January 2010, is to allow infrastructure to be built up to prepare for the additional biodiesel sales, NBB said.