Darryl Hannah is following me!

Well, not really, but I did see her four times in the same day.  She was all over the National Biodiesel Conference here in San Diego.  First I saw her at the convention center, then on the street after I had lunch, and then a couple of times at the hotel where the Sustainable Biodiesel Conference was held.  I never did introduce myself, but I almost stopped her to ask her why she was following me…

In all seriousness, it was good to see her taking both an active role in the NBB’s stake in Biodiesel (she did a spot for Fox news on it), but also actively participating in the Sustaniable Biodiesel Conference.  As most in the industry know, she’s been an avid environmentalist for quite some time.  Good.  I think using the trendiness of alternative fuels is a poor platform for celebrities to gain press exposure, yet I seem to find it popping up from time to time.  So it’s nice to see a celebrity exploiting her celebrity status for her convictions, instead of the other way around. 

I also read a good article on her on Green Trusts website: http://www.off-grid.net/index.php?p=313

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