New Jetta TDI at the plant, running Biodiesel, of course.

One of our employees took the plunge and bought a VW Jetta TDI a couple of weeks ago. It’s a 2006 model, with 59,000 miles on it, running petroleum diesel we assume. The car is in great shape, and he’s been running B20 in it for the first tank or two of fuel since he’s had it.

Brad will be posting his experiences with running biodiesel here on the blog. This makes three total VW TDI’s we have running biodiesel here at the plant. The other two TDI’s (a 2005 and 2004) have been running B100 for most of their lives, with no reported mechanical failures (fuel related) or fuel related issues. This goes right against what Volkswagen claims, that you can only run B5 or lower blends in their vehicles. These two vehicles now have over 100,000 miles each on them running straight biodiesel most of the time (We run high ratio Biodiesel at least when traveling out of state and no B100 available).

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