Oil Thieves

I guess it was inevitable that we’d run into people taking oil from our contract restaurants sooner or later.  Today at one of our customers I ran into “Ken” who was quite brash about the fact that I’d just emptied our barrel and left him with nothing.  Despite the fact that I pointed out that the barrel had our company name and logo all over it, he still apparently felt that he should be able to take oil from the drum as he likes.

So, for those of you out there who are taking oil from us, Carolina By-Products, Griffin Industries, or the likes – please note, your entitlement to free oil ends at the point that other people have a financial investment at that same location to collect it.  We paid for the drums and bins, and in most cases have expended time, energy, and money to advertise and recruit customers to contract their oil to us. 

The law states that once it’s in the pickup barrel, which is owned by us, it’s ours.  Your taking it for your own use is called stealing, period.

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