Using Baking Soda Blaster to Safely Clean Tanks

Back in 2008 when we were building the plant, a former employee bought a soda blaster for the plant to use to clean the outside and inside of some used carbon steel and stainless steel tanks.   The idea behind the purchase was that some of the tanks had unknown contents in them that were presumed non-toxic but not verified.  We needed to clean the inside and the outside of the tanks, and using baking soda instead of sand created an environmentally safe residue that could simply be discarded.

While the system worked, we no longer need it.  The blaster is made by a company called Soda Blaster ( out of Texas.   They advertise it can be used to clean boat hulls safely, clean buildings and decking, etc.  Whatever you would use a sand blaster for but is not as abrasive as sand and want a non-toxic residue, this unit is designed for those tasks.

So ours is up for sale.  We purchased it and a Sullivan Air G1850 gasoline powered compress for around $18,000.00 in 2008.  I’d like to sell our unit (SB-200) with the compressor and 50′ of high pressure hose for $8,000.00.  You arrange freight (we will load onto truck with forklift) or local pickup only, we cannot deliver.

Interested?  Contact us on our contact page ( or call us at 866-244-0555.



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