Thanksgiving Turkey Fryer Oil Pickup

Well, we’re back to that time of year when we are offering to pickup used fryer oil from individuals, churches, and civic groups who are going to fry a turkey (or whatever else) for Thanksgiving. 

We will be making pickups on the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving in the Raleigh and Wilson areas.  You must have at least 5 gallons, and it must be in a sealed container (preferably the original cubee the oil came in).   Place the container on the curb of your home or building and notify us by calling us at 866-244-0555, or use the “Contact Us” page at to notify us of your pickup.   Please give us your name and address, and approximatley how many gallons are waiting.

If you are in the Wilson area,  you can drop off your oil at any time at our production facility.  The address and a map are on the “Contact Us” page of our website.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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