The Press is at it again – This time in the UK

So The Guardian is at it now.  This time with a double whammy bashing biodiesel and ethanol by saying in two different articles that there is a “secret World Bank study” that was leaked claiming that it was indeed the biofuels industry that caused food prices to spike 75%, and now, we should “put the brakes on biofuels” because they are bad for the planet.

Yet again, the media sees fit to take sensationalism over the truth, and pubslished complete rubbish about the industry.  At least in this country, and I’m assuming that’s what The Guardian was aiming at since it’s in vogue to hate the U.S. these days, we don’t use food grade crops to make biofuels (especially ethanol).  Most ethanol plants are using corn typically used to feed livestock, and form Dry Distillers Grains (DDGs), during the process, which are still fed to livestock.  Hmmm.

And as far as putting the brakes on biofuels as an alternative fuel because they are so evil, just what exactly do you propose instead?  Horse and Buggy?  Steam power?  Water wheels?  Slaves?  I just don’t get where these folks are coming from.  Biodiesel and ethanol are not alternative fuels people, they are the next fuel.  We are running out of petroleum. The Saudi’s are estimating their supplies ending around 2030, and the last 70% will be twice as expensive to get out than the first 30% was.  That’s why the gasoline is so expensive!  Why can’t the media seem to get that through their thick skulls? 

It’s a shame.   The only accurate articles I’ve read in the media lately about biofuels are either from biofuel trade journals, or articles from the press where they have actually interviewed someone from a biofuels plant.  Our own Wilson Daily Times seems to do a better job than most of the national publications I read out there.  Why? Because they actually try to get the story right, instead of just selling advertising.

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