To Do List for TBI

On our “Things to do once we get settled in” page, we wanted to establish a placeholder for goals, projects, and products we’d like to secure to make us a better company, or perhaps just because they sound like fun…

  1. Establish “oil for cake” program with farmers to provide an expeller press on site to press soy/canola at small farms. TBI will provide the press and diesel powered (of course) engine for the press, plus free fuel to run all diesel equipment on the farm.
  2. Develop Cold Weather blend for biodiesel to improve the pour point for B100 to be better than D2 petrodiesel.
  3. Research grant opportunities for testing for canola replacement of winter wheat in North Carolina.
  4. Establish composting and/or processing facility for glycerol co-product to maximize profit potential for glycerol.
  5. Establish a recycling program for used 55 Gallon Drums and IBCs for product storage and distribution.
  6. Work with NC biodiesel coops, farms, and other biodiesel producers to effectively lobby the NC legislature for a biodiesel tax holiday and other incentives for renewable fuels.
  7. Provide internship program for college students wishing to gain experience in a real biodiesel production facility.
  8. Establish a practical, automated, cost effective biodiesel production system design that can be duplicated by other businesses, colleges, and coops to make biodiesel in significant quantities.
  9. Research feasibility and grant opportunities for algae research as a feedstock oil resource and CO2 scrubber.
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