Cold Weather Anti-Gel Additive Testing Results

We did some very informal tests here at the plant to try to determine which anti-gel additive would work best for our fuel.  We’ve been using the Stantadyne Winter 1000 additive with pretty good results, but decided to test some other products on the market to see what results we would get.  All tests were done with pure B100 biodiesel fuel made from virgin soybean oil and waste vegetable oil.

The photo on the left was taken when the ambient temperature was 14°F.  The photo on the right was taken two days later when the ambient temperature was 41°F.

Anti-gel additive cold weather test  B100 anti-gel after thaw

The samples are (from left to right):

  1. Control Sample (pure biodiesel)
  2. Stantadyne Winter 1000 (3ml added to 450ml)
  3. Artic Express (3ml added to 450ml)
  4. AAA Biodiesel Cold Flow Additive (3ml added to 450ml)
  5. B80 (80% biodiesel to 20% petroleum diesel)

Interesting to note is that the pure biodiesel sample returned to normal after warming up, with only slight waxing noticeable in the fuel.  The additive samples were still well waxed, and would undoubtedly cause problems with filters until warmed up further.  The 5th sample on the right of the second picture is B80 (20% petroleum diesel), which was added to the test but not included in the first photo.  It did considerably better than all the other samples tested.

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