Magnasol Wash

Tried making a small batch (35 gallons) by “washing” it with Magnesol instead of a water wash. It worked, but boy was I unprepared for the process of filtering the Magnesol out of the wash. The pump, filters (30 micron, 10 micron, 1 micron) were just pissed about having to filter this stuff, and kept clogging. For a small batch, I figured a whole house water filter with a 1/2 hp pump would get it. I was wrong. I finally got it all filtered, but it took several days, several filters, and several dozen temper tantrums.

Next try will be to load a high capacity sock filter with the magnesol in the sock. Coupled with a big pump, I’m hoping this will have better success. What’s Magnesol? See

Sample of B100 after being washed with Magnasol

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