See Through Biodiesel

Made another 100 gallons today. Took my retain samples to test against, but just putting it in a beaker to start testing I had to stop and take a picture of it. This is about as good as it gets from WVO. Color is fine, clear as a bell, smells clean. A sample burned in the generator emanated that nice “french fry” smell that everyone always comments on about biodiesel. Actually, I think it smells a little more like egg rolls or tempura, since most of the oil we’re using comes from Asian restaurants. About 50% of the oil we get is rice bran oil. I didn’t even know you could get oil from rice bran, and it’s never listed in any documenation about oil composition, but it makes pretty good biodiesel. See for yourself.

Sample of B100 pulled from 12/10/2005 batch

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